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EPD's New Recycle Bin with Simple and Stylish Appearance

(This product would be used in Hong Kong only)




EPD's New Recycle Bin with Cool Style Design

At first glance they look like oversized gift boxes. But  in  fact,  they are modern  recycling bins designed by prominent artists, celebrities and  local  designers  to  raise  public  awareness on waste  separation. The unique collection of recycling bins was recently on display at an ex-hibition organized by  the Environmental Protection Department (EPD).


The  exhibition, which  ran  from August  13 till 15 at Times Square in Causeway Bay, drew considerable  public  attention.  Some  of  the creators of these bins are among the most recognizable  faces  in Hong Kong. They  include award-winning actor Simon Yam and members of  the Wai Yin Association,  the  oficial  body for  former Miss Hong Kong Pageant  contestants.  Other  designers  are  Tommy  Li,  Dorian Ho,  Dorothy  Tang,  Siuhak,  Chocolate  Rain, Lester Lee and Lau Kin-gi. The  theme of Simon Yam’s design  is “Follow your heart”, which underlines  the  importance  of  listening  to  one’s  heart  because  the best motivation must  come  from  within.  His design illustrates that motivation is an essential prerequisite  for  the  pursuit  of  environmental protection objectives.


The Wai Yin Association’s design was conceived  by  actress Angie  Chiu,  fellow  actress Hoyan Mok and  television personality Mandy Cho. The  aim of  their design  theme  “Try our best to create a better future” is to instill a sense of mission to encourage people to try their utmost to separate waste for recycling to benefit the environment. Four-year-old  Lau  Kin-gi  is  the  youngest designer, who had earlier won a medal  in  the 38th  International  Children’s  Exhibition  of Fine Arts Lidice. For the recycling bin design, Kin-gi drew a globe to form the inner core of a lower to convey the message that if everybody made good use of our limited resources and recycled waste,  the world would  be  a  beautiful habitat for us all.


The exhibition was part of EPD’s “Minimising Waste,  Maximising  the  Future”  ongoing waste reduction campaign that aims at promoting  green  living  and  better  use  of  resources through a series of activities with the business sector and various organisations. The  waste  reduction  campaign,  launched on May 23, has already inspired six local cafe groups to form the Green Cafe Alliance to encourage  customers  to use  less disposable  cutlery. The  alliance has  conducted  a number of city-wide  roadshows  to  share  green  tips with the public and promote waste reduction.




Product Features:

  • New recycle bin designed by the Environment Protection Department of the HK Governemt

  • Traditional and simplified characters, English, Korean and German are used to indicate metals, paper and plastic materials recycle bins

  • Simple and stylish appearance suitable for retail and office installation

  • Tailor-made outlook is welcome to be ordered


Environment Bureau (ENB) and Environmental Protection Department (EPD) announce the issue of "Green Hong Kong"


EPD’s Minimising Waste, Maximising the Future Recycling Bin Exhibition